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11 Food Festivals Happening Around the World This Summer

Toronto Ribfest Ryan Tir

Every year, there are some amazing food festivals that take place all around the world. If you’re looking for one near you or to perhaps intertwine a food festival with a vacation, this will now be possible thanks to our superb list of food festivals set to feature this summer.

1. Garlic Festival: Newchurch, Isle of Wight - According to last year’s figures, around 20,000 people attended this event to celebrate all things garlic. In terms of location, the Garlic Festival has the stunning backdrop of green hills and farmlands within the heart of the Isle of Wight. With garlic marquees, cooking demonstrations, children’s entertainers and more, this is a great one to attend if you are an avid garlic consumer. This year, it will take place on the 18th/19th August.

2. Girotonno: Carloforte, Italy - In the diary for between the 24th and 27th of May in 2018, Girotonno is a long-held tradition within the local culture in the celebration of tuna. This year, it will be the 15th time the event has been held but the traditions that surround proceedings in Carloforte, Sardinia, date back a long way. Over the four days, attendees experience the culture, food, wine, arts, music, entertainment, and more.

3. Hantam Vleisfees: Calvinia, South Africa - Set in ‘sheep country’, the 24th and 25th of August is set to play host to the 29th edition of the festival with thousands coming from all over the country and even internationally too. Originally, the festival was set up as a way of promoting the lamb meat available in the region but it has gone from strength to strength ever since. Nowadays, you will find live music, various stalls, and, of course, a good amount of lamb meat to try.

4. The Big Feastival: Kingham, United Kingdom - Again, this takes place at the end of August between the 24th and 26th. If you like to combine high-quality food with music, great company, and various other pieces of entertainment, this is definitely the one for you. Held on a farm, there is an opportunity to camp for the full weekend which allows all guests to fully immerse into the experience. If you are lucky, you might even get a seat in The Big Kitchen where some of the biggest chefs will be cooking.

5. Maine Lobster Festival: Rockland, Maine - When you think of lobster, the mind automatically jumps to Maine in the US. If you love lobster, why not join thousands of others who feel the same at this year’s Lobster Festival? From the 1st-5th of August, you will find delicious food, seafood cooking contests, ‘steins and veins’, a crate race, entertainment, and a huge parade to finish the event perfectly. If you think lobster is under-appreciated, Maine is the destination for you.

6. Toronto Ribfest: Toronto, Canada - Don’t you just love it when the name of the festival tells you everything you need to know? Essentially, this is a great big BBQ over the Canada Day weekend (June 29 - July 2) to celebrate peace and kick off the summer with a bang. This year, it will be bigger and better than ever with great food, events, entertainment, and more.

7. Taste of Chicago: Chicago, Illinois - Often seen as the largest food festival in the world, the Taste of Chicago festival (July 11-15) has a free admission and likes to show off the diverse culture within Chicago itself. Since the first event in 1980, Grant Park has welcomed hundreds of thousands over the years and tends to bring the whole city a little closer for a few days. With five days in total, there is plenty opportunity to make the most of what’s on offer.

8. Bite of Seattle: Seattle, Washington - Hosted in the Seattle Center between July 20-22, this is set to be a fantastic few days once again this year. Often voted ‘best festival’ on various sites, the event boasts over 60 different pop-up restaurants and vendors offering tremendous food and drink. Included, you could experience Friday Movie Night, cooking demonstrations, beer gardens, tours, cook-offs, and more.

9. Music City Food and Wine: Nashville, Tennessee - Of all the festivals we have today, this is one of the latest in September (14-16) but it combines the two things we like most in the world - food and drink. Over the weekend, you can indulge in amazing food, wine, spirits, and beers. Also, you can improve your own cooking after viewing over 40 demonstrations with the best secrets in the industry.

10. Feast Portland: Portland, Oregon - This is actually the same weekend as the event in Nashville but starting one day earlier. If you’re choosing between the two, we don’t envy your decision as this also has everything in place to create memories - cider houses, breweries, and more. Based in and around downtown Portland, there are 40 different events taking place where visitors choose what they wish to attend.

11. The Pahiyas Festival: Lucban, Philippines - So far, we have seen some amazing festivals but how could we leave you without mentioning the famous festival from the Philippines? Held on May 15 every year, the festival has many traditions relating to food and is a very colorful event. Although it might not be as modern as the others, it has the joy, excitement, and delicious food that belong at every food festival!

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