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Beer + Cocktails: Why Choose One When You Can Have Them Together!

A combination beer and cocktail beverage isn't, as you might expect, for the indecisive. Many combination drinks employ specific beers types of brands along with cocktail ingredients to achieve a most extraordinary outcome, a cocktail that is above and beyond the expected and perfectly satisfying for beer lovers too! Perhaps you've heard of the Mexican Bulldog Margarita, an unabashed drink that makes the most of two Mexican favorites--margaritas and Coronas! Learn how to make a mouthwatering Mexican Bulldog Margarita and find out about other delectable combinations that pair beer with well-known cocktail ingredients.

The Bulldog Mexicana

The Mexican Bulldog Margarita, simply put, is a margarita joined by a bottle of Corona--in the same glass. Specifically, that glass should be large enough to handle a margarita and a beer. To make this specialty, all that's needed is one ounce of your favorite tequila (if you add an extra splash, we won't tell). You'll also need lime margarita mix and any other margarita fixings you like such as salt around the rim and a juicy slice of lime. Mix up your margarita as you normally would. When it's complete, you will invert the bottle of Corona into the glass allowing the golden beer to combine with the cocktail. The result is quite extraordinary. Many people love the way the beer cuts down on some of the cocktail's sweetness. Others simply love the punch it packs. Because this drink is actually two drinks combined in one glass, you may want to take it easy on ordering a second or add some crushed ice to the glass!

Other Drink Combinations that Feature Beer
The great thing about beer cocktails is that they always exude that air of experimentation, that mixologist's wizardry that plays with ingredient amounts as well as alcohol types. While a light beer works for some, a dark lager is required for others to reach that level of deliciousness that has drinkers ordering rounds for their friends. The following are just a couple recommendations that are bound to get the party going!

Keep It Classic: The Black Velvet

Featuring one-part Guinness and one-part brut sparkling wine, the Black Velvet is a London-born beer cocktail that first wowed pub goers in 1861. The drink was actually created to help mourn the loss of Queen Victoria's consort, Prince Albert. Champagne is traditionally the sparkling wine of choice but others may be substituted. Serve this half and half beverage in a stout beer glass and you may then enjoy its Victorian charms.

Keep it Light: the Cuban Bul

If you're not in the mood for the heavy Black Velvet, try the refreshing spritzer-like Cuban Bul. You'll need a 12-oz can of light beer (choose something crisp), a 12 oz can of ginger ale, two tablespoons of sugar (or to taste), and a third of a cup of lime juice (go for freshly squeezed). Mix the ingredients along with some crushed ice in a glass, taste, and discover your new favorite cocktail; it's a winner and you'll be amazed at how light and delicious it tastes!

While these are just a few popular beer cocktails there are plenty of others that may suit your taste buds. Experiment at your own bar at home. Many beer cocktails can be adapted to suit your tastes and you'll find that your guests will find them irresistible too!

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