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Beverages to Pair With Your Favorite Cigars

Smoking a cigar is a ritualistic experience that appeals to many different senses. Your taste buds are sent careening along a smoky journey while your sense of smell receives the many different aromas from the tobacco smoke. It is possible to further enhance these sensations by consuming particular beverages while smoking your favorite cigar. There are beverages that fit different times of the day as well as different types of cigars. This information will provide you with a guide of what to drink while you smoke.

Many cigar aficionados prefer to start their day off with a quick smoke while they drive to work. In this situation, a smaller cigar such as a Padron Panatela or an Arturo Fuente Exquisito would fit the bill nicely. Both of these cigars contain rich flavor profiles and go well with your morning cup of coffee. It is important to pair your cigars with a beverage that won’t overwhelm the flavor profile of your cigar. Most cigar smokers prefer to drink simple black coffee while enjoying their morning cigar, but for those who prefer to put cream and sugar in their coffee, there are cigars which are more suited to sweeter drinks.

At the end of the day, when work has wound down and you’ve eaten dinner; and you’re preparing for your nightly smoke, a good cigar pairs well with a neat snifter of whiskey or aged bourbon. Tobacco is a naturally occurring plant, and whiskey is a byproduct of naturally occurring plants as well. What you’ll find is that each complements and enhances the flavors of the other. The flavors of the cigar will take on new, invigorated life, and the whiskey will offer you flavors that would otherwise be too subtle without the discerning presence of the cigar.

On those cold nights when the wind is blowing and the temperatures outside chill you to the bone, pairing your cigar with a cup of hot chamomile tea serves the dual purposes of enhancing the flavors of your cigar as well as keeping you warm. Our taste buds react strongly to differing temperatures, and the hot tea and warm smoke combine with the chilled air to send your taste buds on a carnival ride of activity. Often, the most taste-enhanced cigar smoking experiences are on really cold nights because of this. Use the tea to further enhance the flavor of your cigar as well as to help keep your blood warm.

Water is great for you and also serves as an effective palate cleanser. This particular beverage is readily available, inexpensive, and keeps you hydrated whilst enjoying your favorite cigar. Putting ice cubes in the water or simply serving it chilled will further help enhance the flavors of the cigar. On warm days, drinking iced water will also help keep you cool while you smoke outside.

Simple cola is the beverage of choice for many cigar aficionados. Cola pairs well with many different types of cigar, and the sugars in soda also help sweeten the flavor of cigars that can sometimes seem harsh on the taste buds.

Pair these beverages with your favorite cigar to enhance your experience. Experiment in different settings to figure out what works for you and what doesn’t, but always try to remember that cigars - like wine - have flavor profiles that your palate must adapt to before they’ll be honed enough to pick up the subtle nuances.

For more ideas on non-alcoholic cigar pairings check out this Famous Smokes article.

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