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Five Not-to-Miss Bars in New York City (That Means Manhattan for the Uninitiated)

Not to belabor the obvious but this list is for drinkers - not dancers nor clubbers nor those who simply wish to see and be seen. Take this little bit of advice in stride and then head out for some of the most outrageous times available in the most outrageous city in the world. Just don't expect to be ogled by the paparazzi or the "beautiful" people.

With that said, here are the best, drinking bars in the Big Apple:

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1. P. J. Clarke's (View info and get directions)

Located on Third Avenue at 55th street, this quintessential New York bar has seamlessly traversed the wide divide between the high society of the Upper East Side of Manhattan and the more pedestrian interests of Midtown. Known as the backdrop of the infamous - to drinkers, anyway - movie, Lost Weekend, and as the place where Buddy Holly proposed to his girlfriend, P.J.s is an iconic stop on any "bar" tour of New York. Just remember to keep the cursing to a minimum as they will probably ask the offender to leave after a single warning.

2. Paddy Reilly's Music Bar (View info and get directions)

Founded by and named after the noted Irish-born singer - his rendition of the Fields of Athenry put the little kid from the movie, Veronica Guerin, to shame - this bar and its owner, Steve Duggan provide some of the best Irish influenced music and "bit of the craic" in the city. While its doubtful that one will ever again see Mr. Reilly in the bar that bears his name located at 29th and 2nd Avenue, it still a place where the former members of Black 47 or The Edge from U2 can be found on the rare night. In any event, a great game of darts with some truly serious players (who always want to play for a pint) can be found there on any night.

3. Don't Tell Mama (View info and get directions)

One could be forgiven for thinking that a bar oriented toward the "theater" crowd would be boring and not geared toward drinking. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the drunker one gets, the more involved in the entertainment one becomes. That's right! Don't Tell Mama is all about making fun of tourists, bona fide New Yorkers and even regulars who stray over the line between sobriety and out-and-out drunkenness. Hell, a patron cannot even go to the bathroom without inviting the disdain of the piano player or the singer. In short, there is nowhere else in NYC like this place to get insulted.

4. Salon de Ning Rooftop Bar & Terrace (View info and get directions)

Once a mainstay of Mad Men types, this rooftop bar atop the luxurious Peninsula Hotel at 55th Street and 5th Avenue has gotten a little more high-brow. Now a destination for many of the heavyweights in the world of finance, the views of Saint Patrick's Cathedral and rest of midtown Manhattan come at a significantly higher cost. Still, the views from the outside patio are spectacular and the people there are interested in how many margaritas it takes to forget you are on the 35th floor - if you catch my drift. Not for the faint of heart nor the financially encumbered, this is still a great place to bring a first date or the wife of twenty years.

5. PDT (Please Don't Tell) (View info and get directions)

Located at the back of a fairly shady hot dog shop - you actually enter through a concealed door in the phone booth - this is a great venue for its many regulars and an average one for everyone else. Don't get any hopes up though as reservations are required. Still, walking into this bar in "Get Smart" style is a thrill all its own and once inside, the ambiance is homey and down to earth. The drinks, however, will knock the socks off even the most experienced booze hound. One of the best parts of this East Village hideaway are the seasonal cocktails that cannot be found anywhere else in the city.

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