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Plan a New Year's Eve Party

Happy New Year M&R Glasgow

Have you decided to throw a big New Year’s Eve bash to celebrate the coming of the New Year? If you have, then you’re tasked with making sure that everyone that attends has the best time possible. This may seem like quite a task once you think about all the things that you have to do in order to prepare for the party. The following tips will help you get everything you need in order to make this upcoming New Year’s Eve party a big success!

You cannot have a New Year’s Eve party without snacks! If your guests get hungry (which they will) and there’s no food around, they’ll just up and leave. Pick out a wide variety of snacks such as:

- Chips and dip
- Pretzels and nuts
- Vegetables such as cucumbers, celery and carrots along with a variety of dips
- A cheese plate with a wide selection of different cheeses and crackers
- Pigs in a blanket
- Nachos
- Mini-sandwiches

Stick with finger food and stay away from food that needs a knife and fork to be eaten. Things will get very messy if you’re not having a sit down meal, especially if you have a lot of guests. Remember to offer a large variety of snacks, and don’t forget about your vegetarian friends. You should also remember to pick up plenty of disposable plates, silverware and napkins. If you don’t get enough, guests will begin eating out of their hands, and you’re going to get food all over your floors and furniture.

It’s not a party unless alcohol is involved! People are picky drinkers; so make sure you have a variety of alcohol available. Make sure that if you stock up on booze such as rum or vodka, that you have plenty of things to mix them with such as cranberry juice or coke. You should have these options available anyway for guests who are driving or don’t drink. You should also have several bottles of wine and champagne (you can’t have a New Year’s Eve countdown without champagne!). Also have a few different beers available to choose from. Have lots of disposable cups available as well as wine glasses. You don’t want you guests drinking wine or champagne out of plastic cups!

Setting Up
Send out guest invites early, so that they have time to plan ahead for your party. Then make sure that you have enough seating for everyone. If you don’t, you should rent additional chairs. If you have any incredibly valuable pieces of art in the space your party will be held (usually the living room), then you should think about moving it upstairs. It doesn’t matter if the party is full of senior citizens, if alcohol is involved someone may have a little too much – and accidents can happen. Make sure there’s plenty of space to move around in. You may want to rearrange your furniture a little bit to provide more space to your guests. Designate one of your bathrooms as the public bathroom for the night. Clean it up and move anything out of the cabinets that you don’t want guests rummaging through and take them to an upstairs bathroom. Make sure there’s plenty of toilet paper available and that the trashcan in the bathroom is empty. You should also place additional trashcans around the house for guests to make use of. This will cut down on the amount of trash that you have to clean up the next day.

Creating a Party Atmosphere
It’s a New Year’s Eve party, so you have the chance to be as festive as you want. Throw different colored balloons around the home and drape some lights around different rooms. You can even provide party hats, streamers and noisemakers. Providing some games for everyone to play can help lighten the mood in the beginning of the party as well. Provide games such as darts, pool or ping-pong, or play classic games such as charades. If you have a large back yard, then a corn hole set up can provide a ton of fun, as long as there is enough light in your yard to see at night.

And don’t forget the music! Without music you don’t have a party! Spend some time creating a long play list that will last for more than a few hours. If one of your friends has a band, then invite him to play! Or just hire a DJ to spin some tunes during the party.

There’s a lot to think about when prepping for a party, especially for a New Year’s Eve party. If you follow these tips, then your party should be smooth sailing. Just remember to worry about the party before you throw it, not during it. It should be a fun and stress-free event for you as well as your guests, so once it’s happening, just have a good time!

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